About Us


Monique Bright 

A yoga retreat is only as good as the yoga instructor! I would love to introduce Monique, with Celebrating The Wheel Of Life. She will be leading yoga and meditation sessions, as well as our Moon Ceremony. Monique is not only a yoga instructor, she works with different spiritual practices to help give you guidance on your own journey including breathing techniques, mantras, reflections and intentions to help you take the next step into or back into the person you were meant to be.

Tara Grainger
Mindfulness Hiking Guide

After an extensive career in education and a life in Florida, Tara left everything in 2019 to pursue a more awakened existence. She eventually landed in Colorado, and like many, instantly fell in love with the mountains. Soon after moving, COVID struck her small mountain community, shutting down opportunities for social connection. Taking this as a sign from nature, Tara cocooned in her new environment, studying multiple disciplines of yoga, playing with art as therapy and healing, and regularly hiking and meditating in the forests surrounding her home.  Little did she realize that these activities would not only support her own healing journey but soon would support others' healing journeys in the form of mindfulness practices.


Yoga, Art, Nature - these are the pillars of Root To Rise. Together, they allow one to safely explore the inner landscape, discovering all the richness and light buried within, waiting to be remembered and embodied once more.


Melissa Cheshire

My passion for the mountains lead my family and I, from Denver to the Bailey area in 2020 and we have absolutely fallen in love with the town and the surrounding mountains. I love to hike and snowshoe as much as I possibly can and I spend most of my days enjoying nature and homeschooling my children. I am also the owner of Adventures With Cheshire (travel agency) and as a travel agent, I saw an opportunity to bring the community together in a fun and unique way and share it with the world! Welcome everyone to Niyama Mountain Retreat and thank you for joining us on our journey. I hope to meet you in person!


Glen Isle Resort

Nestled on 150 acres in Pike National Forest outside Denver, CO, is a cozy, rustic vacation waiting to happen. Glen Isle Resort which opened in 1901 is a place of tradition and history and they plan to keep it that way. You will find history narrates the Native American’s story where Glen Isle was once used as an Indian campground, and numerous trees still stand today that were culturally modified to mark sacred treasures. If you seek tranquility, sit on the deck of a private cabin where the hummingbirds and chipmunks are always seeking an audience to entertain.