5 Signs That You Need A Retreat In Your Life

Updated: Mar 21

The past couple of years have been stressful on all of us and the constant uncertainty can wear you down. Did you know that 90% of doctors visits are because of stress and stress related illness? We all need more than ever a place to escape, rejuvenate and reconnect with ourselves. Making the decision to go on a retreat is not selfish but a sign of self love to you and everyone in your life. Here are 5 reasons to invest in your mind, body and soul.

1. You dream of getting away.

I think we've all been here, especially after Covid. Sometimes the walls feel like they are closing in, responsibilities are stacking and everyone seems to need your attention. Life is hectic and you get to feel the need to escape. A retreat is the perfect place to take a step away from the noise of daily life, so you can take time for yourself and rejuvenate your well being.

2. You are undertaking or manifesting big changes.

Changing your path or making adjustments to your current purpose can be overwhelming. With change comes work and those extra responsibilities can be taxing. You might find yourself feeling burnt out and exhausted, or maybe you're just starting on your journey and you are trying to find inspiration or turn over a new leaf. Taking a few days to spend some time in nature, meditating on your goals and aspirations will often spark creativity and calm you mentally and physically. A retreat can leave you feeling refreshed, putting you in the right mindset to come back to daily life and help you accomplish your dreams.

3. You've been working too much.

Most of us are guilty of this and why wouldn't we be? While life gets hectic it can be hard to find balance trying to accomplish the daily tasks that are demanded of you. The problem is that our society tells us success is determined by how much we work. This mentality is extremely damaging to our mental and physical health. Life is meant to be enjoyed. A retreat allows you to take advantage of the blessings of life and draw your focus back to what matters.

4. Anxiety

Most of us experience anxiety in some form during our life and it is perfectly normal. However, it is up to you to find a healthy way to alleviate the stress that is causing your mind and body to be anxious. You need to take the time away to focus on yourself and manifest the outcome you desire. Let us prepare meals to satisfy your palate, activities to satisfy your mind, and fresh air to satisfy your soul.

5. Travel

The world is meant to be traveled and a retreats location is one of the fundamental aspects to the wellness experience. Travel isn't just something "to do." It is what we are meant to do. It engages our mind, broadens our self awareness and grounds us to the earth we live on and the people who surround us.

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